After Our Sessions I am In A Place Of Trusting

I have known Michelle for 10+ years and have watched her grow into and accept her gifts.  I have had 4 sessions, and many conversations, with Michelle and each time leave knowing more about myself, my path, my fears, my desires and my life purpose, than I knew walking in.  After our sessions I am in a place of “trusting” what has been revealed, as it often doesn’t make sense in the moment – the accuracy in which Michelle reveals things is amazing.  Michelle works with energy work, and always has me test my own energy so I know the answer is within – always.  I highly recommend Michelle and her use of her gifts. read more

I Am Achieving Tremendous Growth and Transformation In My Life

Being a member of the Catholic/Christian faith my entire life I was hesitant to seek out spiritual guidance outside of the church. Michelle brought me to the realization that I was speaking with the same God, whether through church or in the peace of my own heart. Michelle works directly with the power of God, the Divine Creator and Source of the Universe, along with Angels and guides to reach truth in it highest and truest form.  with her assistance I am achieving tremendous growth and transformation in my life.  She delivers messages of hope, love and healing.  Michelle is a trusted friend, advisor and spiritual leader. read more

My confidence shot up like a rocket!

If we only had one choice, (just playing the “what if” game for a second)and there was only one person you could pick to be your guardian angel and take with you on a journey to a unknown land…..WHO would I pick to be that person?  MICHELLE HOUCHENS!  Michelle is a very trustworthy person who I trusted from the start. I highly recommend Michelle to help you through any tough times or difficult issues.  She helped me during a very uncertain time in my life where I was faced with some very challenging decisions. She taught me how to tap into my spirit guides and access the answers within. I have a great deal of respect for Michelle. She really made me feel comfortable as she helped me realize so many simple truths about myself.  My confidence shot up like a rocket! I cannot say enough about her. She is amazing and trustworthy, and I am so blessed to know her.  read more

What I questioned is finally CLEAR

My life has changed so much since meeting Michelle and I started having sessions with her.  Prior to my first session, I was….scared (Michelle can tell you).  I was brought up in a very religious Christian household and although I questioned some things about organized religion, I feared what I was about to embark on would go against my entire belief system from my upbringing.  To have more insight into the universe, my life, and my future, have deepened my faith and brought me so much closer to God (Source), Jesus Christ (we chat all day long now), and my guardian angels (I now know them all by name). What I questioned is finally CLEAR.   I love love love my closer connection to the universe and my greater ability to manifest what I want and need in my life.  I have more peace,  my life and spiritual path are so much more clear, and I am a better individual, mother, friend, and teacher.  Call her.  Chat with her.  It’s a life changer you will never regret. read more


Have you ever wondered why the sound of silence is so peaceful?  Why does laughter also sound peaceful?  Vibration… look, discover, feel inside of the One.  What brings you joy?  Silence is my refuge. Namaste, M


Sometimes in life, all is well and other times well…it just (fill in the blank).  Now how does this sound coming from an enlightened soul?  Would Jesus say the same if he were us?   My life and all around me have been experiencing that of which we call Forgiveness.  Forgiveness of Self, forgiveness of Others, forgiveness inside of The One. Often it is essential to sum up our human experience and tell people, well its just growth.  For me I have been on both sides of the fence and prefer to sit in solitude, peace and love.  How about you?  Do you see the surrender and release to Self as a humble journey inside of the All?  This is my current journey.  One that I both prize and surrender to.  Namaste, M read more