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11/6/13 “Living The Question Radio”; Gateways: Consciousness That Moves Mountains

von goodwin


So why are Gateways all abuzz now?  This merging of the Fifth and the Third simultaneously has caused change in the human condition.  We see spirit coming out of rocks, the Laws of Time broken and reestablished with metaphysical changes in geography on the Earth.  Things that mankind had and has yet to experience are with us today.  It is rumored that the Hopi Indians have walked the Gateways in physical form from Arizona to California in virtually less than 1 hour “appearing” on the other side in a physical format.  Gateways are the entrance to the Soul… your soul and mine as they merge to Oneness.

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8-14-2013 Radio Show- INTENTION; Von Goodwin’s “Living The Question” Show 3 of a 12 Month Series”Frequencies On The Earth…NOW”


When you fall in love    Show Three:

Intention-the quality or state of having a purpose in mind; quality of purposefulness. (1)

Tonight’s show was based on the theory that consciousness + intention CREATE.  This 12 month series “Frequencies On The Earth…NOW”, exclusively on the Von Goodwin Show, “Living The Question”, WAS RECORDED AND IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR LISTENING VIA THE LINK BELOW, along with Show 1 & 2 of the series.

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Recently I had the opportunity to meet with a large TV network.  Fun, fun, fun was what it brought me.  To dream of a world that everyone would know and understand the gifts they have been given….Wow Wee, or Winner,  Winner Chicken Dinner to those of you that follow me regularly on radio.

What are your dreams, visions, reality?  Do you trust them?  A friend once told me during a meditation that took me to the outer most Gateways in the Galaxy that “To Know Someone Once Is To Know Them Forever”.  How about you?  Each time something or someone “begins” do you trust it/they have been brought for Goodness and Light?

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Von Goodwin “Frequencies On The Earth; NOW” May 15th Show Blog

von goodwin

Tonight’s show on “Living The Question with Von Goodwin” debuted the series “The New Frequencies On The Earth; NOW”.  This 12 month series, starting tonight, is all about the physics of the planet Earth and us an a ecosystem.  As a  collective consciousness we are thinking/manifesting/living with these thoughts or frequencies that effect ALL in the NOW.  

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Transitions; Barry Fey et company


Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado June 2012

The vibrational aspects of Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado is astounding.  So many have been blessed by “The Rocks” as they are called; launching a new CD, playing their first big concert, connecting to their fans in an open air venue so close to God that many say they can actually feel Heaven here. Some of the most famous recordings of bands like U2, Yanni, Pearl Jam, The Beatles have occurred on this sacred ground.  Jimi Hendrix once told me that this was his favorite place to play outside of New York’s, Gramercy Park.

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12-21-2012; The New Frequency of the Planet Earth

It all started with the discussion of putting butter on cinnamon rolls during Thanksgiving.  Yep those delectable, unhealthy, gems that stick to us, literally.   I hold witness to the fact that some find the addition of butter to a cinnamon roll enticing.  To me, no with a capital N.  To them, deeeelicious.

The state of joy or what some term love, 528 Hertz in frequency is the natural resonance that Mother Earth exchanges with our Sun and Lunar Systems.  Our Sun emits rays that assist all matter on Earth including plants, animals, and yes, human beings, to thrive.  Over the last eight and a half years we have been moving and will finally align into this new higher or what many call faster vibrational state people call “The Dawning of a New Civilization” on December 21st, 2012.  Mayan calendars change, the equinox is said to appear differently from then forth and all will need to think in warp speed or they will feel that life has passed them by.  It is up to the human race to choose.  Mother Earth is realigning naturally to this vibration of homeostasis.

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Tonight I launched my “new” website.  Secure I felt until the stillness of what is to come excites me.

Have you ever felt this way?  Content in what is, until “Ut Oh”, it isn’t.  I spent so much of my life “trying” to hold on Yoda.  How about you?  Do you wane and wallow only to find out that the journey is really contentment vs. the destination? Or is the destination really the realization that contentment is fluid vs. concrete?

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Have you ever wondered why the sound of silence is so peaceful?  Why does laughter also sound peaceful?  Vibration… look, discover, feel inside of the One.  What brings you joy?  Silence is my refuge. Namaste, M


Sometimes in life, all is well and other times well…it just (fill in the blank).  Now how does this sound coming from an enlightened soul?  Would Jesus say the same if he were us?   My life and all around me have been experiencing that of which we call Forgiveness.  Forgiveness of Self, forgiveness of Others, forgiveness inside of The One. Often it is essential to sum up our human experience and tell people, well its just growth.  For me I have been on both sides of the fence and prefer to sit in solitude, peace and love.  How about you?  Do you see the surrender and release to Self as a humble journey inside of the All?  This is my current journey.  One that I both prize and surrender to.  Namaste, M

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