Another must have tool in the business environment

There are numerous books written on the perfect start-up; how to align financing, which scenarios are the best litmus tests for your category of business, and top team building skills. In opening up our business, we added an oft-overlooked category- the spiritual.

Michelle Houchens uses her talent and insights to see beyond…and inside. From literally blessing the ground to grounding the blessed, she is yet another must have tool in the business environment. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend her services. read more

Similar to a virtuoso pianist or brilliant scientist

Simply put, Michelle has developed her genius gift similar to a virtuoso pianist or brilliant scientist. Fortunately, her virtuoso gift brings to my awareness, as a CEO, the several probabilities that exist for my Corporation at any given time or cross road. I then have the opportunity to make choices that optimize the direction and outcome of the Company. I pay Michelle as a consultant to assist me to minimize risk and increase efficiency as I define and achieve goals, which include bottom line profit. I find that I really enjoy the adventure of growing a business this way. read more

Like Christmas From The Universe

2014-green-wood-horseIf you believe in the Universe, that there is a Higher Power, and that somehow you can tap into it–then call Michelle. It’s like Christmas from the Universe.  I called Michelle because I came to some tough cross roads and needed clarity, but mostly direction.  Michelle gives you the gift of the future, complete with details.  Then it is up to you to embrace it and see where you go in life.  I would definitely recommend Michelle to anyone wanting psychic insights to their future. –ERF, entrepreneur read more

An M.D. Mother’s Answered Prayer…

American Black Bear

Last spring, my 12 year old son suffered a severe depression requiring him to stay home from school.  I could not leave him alone because of his suicidal threats and outbursts of anger.  I was concerned not only for him but for myself and my other young son. I had to lock up the knives and watch him constantly.   At times, I felt as if true evil had taken over my son.  I was praying one evening and the thought came to me to contact a medical intuitive.  I myself am a physician, but I was willing to try anything for my child.  I mentioned it to my sister the next day and she suggested Michelle Houchens.  I contacted Michelle by phone from another state and thus began one of the most critical and beneficial relationships of my (and my son’s) life.  Michelle said she needed to work with Ben directly.  After a week of Michelle working with Ben’s higher self behind the scenes, he was willing to speak with her via Skype.  From that first conversation, I saw a profound change in my son.  Over the ensuing months, Ben became happier and more content.  The anger outbursts are gone and Ben is no longer suicidal.  He’s been attending school this year and continues to make steady progress.  I just had his parent/teacher conference and heard nothing but positive feedback from his teachers.  They say he seems happy and is getting fantastic grades.  While I still have a pre-teen at home with all that entails, I no longer have a raging, suicidal, depressed 12 year old.  I cannot thank Michelle enough for her willingness to work with us and to take on such a difficult situation.  I have my son back.  Dr. Mary K. read more

Infertile and Now Have Hope

bigstock-Pictures-of-a-newborn-and-moth-15690674My name is Jaime Lee and we had the fortunate opportunity to meet at a doctors office during one of her beauty seminars. You provided your generous time to me and told me things that have changed my life.  I wanted to share this with you and tell you how these events that you predicted have unfolded this past year.

During our original time, 15 minutes together I wanted to discuss my career and you said I am being told to discuss having a family with you.  We discussed that you were being told I was infertile, but a Soul or perhaps two, who you described to me as you looked over my shoulder, would come with help. Having been in the medical industry for my whole life with no medical problems ever diagnosed from my OBGYN, this did not seem possible. Yet something inside of me told me you were accurate and that signs would come my way.  My husband three days later had a fireman come into the station and casually asked him if we were still trying to get pregnant because they used this Physician who is a Fertility Specialist and now have a baby.  He laughed and asked is she a woman who has short hair and is located in Northern Denver with a top clinic?  The fireman who he hadn’t seen in over a year, said why yes and after that we knew this was something bigger than us “Guiding” us. read more

She Is That One Individual Who Comes Into Your Life and You Are Changed Forever…Business and Personal

Increasing health care costs   I have known Michelle Houchens in a variety of capacities, most importantly to me, in the role of advisor and confidante.  She has been instrumental in analyzing key business and private situations over the course of my professional career path and personal life, consistenly presenting precise counsel on an array of subject matters.  As I look back at the decisions made based on Michelle’s guidance, it is truly amazing the intuitiveness of her recommendation and the positive influence she had on the outcomes. read more

Insight, Vision and Clarity For My Business

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halo cardIt is with great pleasure that I provide my recommendation of Michelle Houchens.  Michelle and I have been business acquaintances for a few years, and more recently personal friends.  Michelle’s unique gifts have allowed her to provide me with insight, vision, and clarity on issues that have impacted both my business and personal life.  She uses her gifts with an incredible sense of care and professionalism, understanding that the messages she delivers can be challenging for most people to digest.  She is also very cognizant of the traditional framework through which most people interpret all of the worldly factors that impact their daily lives, and the degree to which those interpretations can mesh with the messages that she provides.  Michelle’s messages allow one to explore life’s possibilities, and focus on our own daily efforts to improve our lives, as opposed to being subject to the anxiety and inaction that result from the unknown.  She is a delightful person to work with.                     Nick Lepetsos, CEO-Founder HaloCard® read more

Thanks Mom…I Needed That

bigstock-Spa-and-wellness-image-26206559   I first met Michelle at an open house for a medical provider, what blew me away was that she connected with my mother and she told me that my mother was telling me not to worry, it wasn’t my fault, and that I was right on everything.  A year before my mother died in a tragic accident and I felt so much guilt because before her death we were having multiple disagreements.  When Michelle passed on this message to me it gave me great relief.
Recently, a dear old friend of mine died, his death was a surprise to all that knew him. I immediately thought of Michelle and called to make an appointment with her for my friend’s ex-wife and me to meet with her. We needed to have some questions answered and even closure. It was amazing how Michelle connected with my friend immediately without us asking many questions about him, I felt that he was sitting in front of us talking to us like he would of in the past.  I feel that it was meant to be that I had Michelle’s card in my purse and I would see it every day, it was meant for my friend and me to see her and connect with our dear loved one- Laws of Attraction in action!
I want to meet with Michelle again and again, she is amazing and I she helps those heal from losing a loved one and help with the healing process. Thank Michelle for all you do and I will see you soon!    Love and thank you Tina S. read more

Great Relief When I Heard My Mother’s Message From Beyond

When you fall in loveI first met Michelle at an open house for a medical provider, what blew me away was that she connected with my mother and she told me that my mother was telling me not to worry, it wasn’t my fault, and that I was right on everything.  A year before my mother died in a tragic accident and I felt so much guilt because before her death we were having multiple disagreements.  When Michelle passed on this message to me it gave me great relief. read more

Found It Thanks To Michelle

Sunrise over oceanMichelle has worked with myself and my son on a number of  issues that have greatly helped our lives.  I started out a skeptic, but my son convinced me to have a session with her and wow was her insight impactful.  Her accuracy, along with her wit and humor, is why I keep coming back.  During my last session, that was a Christmas present from my sons, I asked her to help me find an expensive piece of equipment I use for business that had been lost for weeks.  Wouldn’t you know it, she told me right where it was which saved me a boatload.  As a business owner and someone who is comfortable, yet not well to do, I highly recommend a session.  She is worth the money.  Brad L. Colorado Springs read more