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Business/ Corporate Sessions


halo cardbenefit services group II

“Michelle’s unique gifts have allowed her to provide me with insight, vision, and clarity on issues that have impacted both my business and personal life.”

Nick Lepestos, Bank President & Co-Founder of The Halo Visa Card.

” I have known Michelle Houchens in a variety of capacities, most importantly to me, in the role of advisor and confidante.  She has been instrumental in analyzing key business and private situations over the course of my professional career path and personal life, consistently presenting precise counsel on an array of subject matters.”

Judy Mackey, CEO/Founder Benefit Service Group

Corporate America is home for me.  For over 25 years I served in sales and various management roles with top companies with executive leadership training and skills.  My background for the last 16 years was as a 26 time award winning executive with Medtronic, a Fortune 300, The World Leader in Medical Devices.   My responsibilities were for a $30-42M P&L in the Cardiac Rhythm Implantable Device market inclusive of a 3 state 30+ person staff of  Managers/Sales/Engineers/Marketing/Clinical.  Performance was demanded at very high levels with exceptional results in competitive markets.

As I did for over 25 year, I now offer my clients unique insight to business success.  My work validates and explores new concepts inside of traditional or transitional frameworks.  The end result is an executable plan inside of a harmonious team, with this magnificent results come.

I Require Little To No Information To Do An Exceptional Reading. In-Person (Denver, Colorado) or Phone Appointments Are Available.  

My Business Offerings Include and Surpass A Normal Consultant:

  • Business Planning
  • Financial Overview; Where and How To Use Your Investment Dollars
  • Marketing Tools That MOVE The Consumer
  • Review of Energetic Vortexes Surrounding Employees; Team Analysis
  • Management Strategies
  • Execution Plans with Days/Months/Years for Succession
  • Future Visioning For Market, Employees, Company Investment
  • New Product Development
  • Creation of Energetic Vortexes For Highest Business Purpose/Mission
  • Seventh Plane Blessings For Business Success
  • Building Cleansing and Reorganization Of Trapped Energy


Michelle Is Licensed and Certified By Leading Institutions In The Following Areas:

  • Psychic Medium
  • 25 Year Award Winning Fortune 100 Executive
  • Medical Intuitive
  • 15 Year Energy Practitioner
  • Licensed RN
  • Certified Neurolinguistics Programming Practitioner (NLP)
  • Certified Advanced Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Past Life Regression Specialist
  • Certified Advanced Theta Healer
  • Certified PSYCH-K Facilitator
  • Animal Totem Readings
  • Shamanic Rituals Regarding Altered Energetic States For Beings and Dwellings