Messages of Hope from Across


Michelle is internationally known as the Mile High Psychic Medium & Energy Practitioner, appearing on hundreds of media programs such as Fox 21 Morning, Fox 31 Everyday, and Channel 2 Daybreak Shows. Her skills as a psychic medium working with […]

Tuning To Compassion

In-depth discovery of what it is like to be in the human body with a steady state of compassion that creates limitless possibilities. Workshop experientially teaches take home techniques for advanced chakra tuning with the Archangels, in various realms and […]

Reconnection to a Loved One

This class was designed upon client demand, and is designated for those who have lost a special loved one; spouse, significant-other, sibling, parent, child, or best friend. Participants com- monly experience their loved ones in the ethereal form via the Holy […]

Exploring The Law of Creation

Very little literature is written on the Law of Creation, due to its expansive- ness and absolution. Michelle will guide participants to realms of consciousness that release old belief patterns, un- locking renewed equations in the Law waiting to be […]