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March 15th, 5-7 pm : Live Stage Show at the Soiled Dove Underground in Lowry, CO

Galileo concluded we are frequencies, subatomic particles connecting to one another, organized by Creation…We Are Light.  Michelle’s Spiritual Gifts to acknowledge Spirit; Archangels, Creator, Your Loved Ones Across allows her to hear the energetic blueprints of Creation.  A person’s Blueprints include Life Purpose, special gifts like singing or sports, and how you are composed.  She senses them like Codes of Love.  The show is 120 minutes of live audience readings, messages from Spirit, and live music by world artist, Matthew Moon. read more

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2015 The Year of Redosolution

Do you remember making New Year’s Resolutions as a kid? Fun started and ended the sentence. Resolution is a term meaning to glance back at life, choose areas declared ineffective or not working, and to change them, build something new. Yet the first time we forget, the resolution gets lost in the shuffle, we think it’s hopeless.

Did you ever see a couple of kids drag a toboggan onto a roof top? They look like civil engineers, assessing snow conditions for the Olympic Games, terrified, yet excited to execute, and totally stone cold confident, because they know they can succeed. Then it hits each of them as they glide down the bumpy rooftop, perhaps we should have developed a landing pad, something to stop us? But why stop say 98% of kids on the Planet, instead stay airborne as long as possible…glide. Dreams of grandeur sail through their minds, they down the bumpy roof and BOOM, the sled comes to a halt. As the sled lodges inside of a gutter, the boys fall off, hard to the ground. read more

11/6/13 “Living The Question Radio”; Gateways: Consciousness That Moves Mountains

von goodwin

So why are Gateways all abuzz now?  This merging of the Fifth and the Third simultaneously has caused change in the human condition.  We see spirit coming out of rocks, the Laws of Time broken and reestablished with metaphysical changes in geography on the Earth.  Things that mankind had and has yet to experience are with us today.  It is rumored that the Hopi Indians have walked the Gateways in physical form from Arizona to California in virtually less than 1 hour “appearing” on the other side in a physical format.  Gateways are the entrance to the Soul… your soul and mine as they merge to Oneness. read more

8-14-2013 Radio Show- INTENTION; Von Goodwin’s “Living The Question” Show 3 of a 12 Month Series”Frequencies On The Earth…NOW”

When you fall in love    Show Three:

Intention-the quality or state of having a purpose in mind; quality of purposefulness. (1)

Tonight’s show was based on the theory that consciousness + intention CREATE.  This 12 month series “Frequencies On The Earth…NOW”, exclusively on the Von Goodwin Show, “Living The Question”, WAS RECORDED AND IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR LISTENING VIA THE LINK BELOW, along with Show 1 & 2 of the series. read more


Recently I had the opportunity to meet with a large TV network.  Fun, fun, fun was what it brought me.  To dream of a world that everyone would know and understand the gifts they have been given….Wow Wee, or Winner,  Winner Chicken Dinner to those of you that follow me regularly on radio.

What are your dreams, visions, reality?  Do you trust them?  A friend once told me during a meditation that took me to the outer most Gateways in the Galaxy that “To Know Someone Once Is To Know Them Forever”.  How about you?  Each time something or someone “begins” do you trust it/they have been brought for Goodness and Light? read more

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Another must have tool in the business environment

There are numerous books written on the perfect start-up; how to align financing, which scenarios are the best litmus tests for your category of business, and top team building skills. In opening up our business, we added an oft-overlooked category- the spiritual.

Michelle Houchens uses her talent and insights to see beyond…and inside. From literally blessing the ground to grounding the blessed, she is yet another must have tool in the business environment. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend her services. read more

Similar to a virtuoso pianist or brilliant scientist

Simply put, Michelle has developed her genius gift similar to a virtuoso pianist or brilliant scientist. Fortunately, her virtuoso gift brings to my awareness, as a CEO, the several probabilities that exist for my Corporation at any given time or cross road. I then have the opportunity to make choices that optimize the direction and outcome of the Company. I pay Michelle as a consultant to assist me to minimize risk and increase efficiency as I define and achieve goals, which include bottom line profit. I find that I really enjoy the adventure of growing a business this way. read more

Like Christmas From The Universe

2014-green-wood-horseIf you believe in the Universe, that there is a Higher Power, and that somehow you can tap into it–then call Michelle. It’s like Christmas from the Universe.  I called Michelle because I came to some tough cross roads and needed clarity, but mostly direction.  Michelle gives you the gift of the future, complete with details.  Then it is up to you to embrace it and see where you go in life.  I would definitely recommend Michelle to anyone wanting psychic insights to their future. –ERF, entrepreneur read more

An M.D. Mother’s Answered Prayer…

American Black Bear

Last spring, my 12 year old son suffered a severe depression requiring him to stay home from school.  I could not leave him alone because of his suicidal threats and outbursts of anger.  I was concerned not only for him but for myself and my other young son. I had to lock up the knives and watch him constantly.   At times, I felt as if true evil had taken over my son.  I was praying one evening and the thought came to me to contact a medical intuitive.  I myself am a physician, but I was willing to try anything for my child.  I mentioned it to my sister the next day and she suggested Michelle Houchens.  I contacted Michelle by phone from another state and thus began one of the most critical and beneficial relationships of my (and my son’s) life.  Michelle said she needed to work with Ben directly.  After a week of Michelle working with Ben’s higher self behind the scenes, he was willing to speak with her via Skype.  From that first conversation, I saw a profound change in my son.  Over the ensuing months, Ben became happier and more content.  The anger outbursts are gone and Ben is no longer suicidal.  He’s been attending school this year and continues to make steady progress.  I just had his parent/teacher conference and heard nothing but positive feedback from his teachers.  They say he seems happy and is getting fantastic grades.  While I still have a pre-teen at home with all that entails, I no longer have a raging, suicidal, depressed 12 year old.  I cannot thank Michelle enough for her willingness to work with us and to take on such a difficult situation.  I have my son back.  Dr. Mary K. read more