‘I Love My Ego’; Aligning Identity To the True Self

so many people say to let go of the ego, yet studies have shown those with a healthy ego prosper in all aspects of their being. This class is designed to identify the ego you have created and reward it’s alignment to the Higher-Self/ Soul. With assistance from the Holy Spirit and High Masters, participants will work on removing attachments of self- identify build in self-sabotage, shame, blame, guilt, and unrealized expectations. All fear of Self will be explored and released on the Seventh Plane of Consciousness, the God-Plane, allowing the Divine Blueprints of each participant to be fully expressed.

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Messages of Hope from Across


Michelle is internationally known as the Mile High Psychic Medium & Energy Practitioner, appearing on hundreds of media programs such as Fox 21 Morning, Fox 31 Everyday, and Channel 2 Daybreak Shows. Her skills as a psychic medium working with thousands worldwide astound audiences with the information she can access. As Michelle reconnects Souls, people often feel like they are a part of a good old-fashioned family reunion, sometimes sharing family secrets that leave the audience in laughter and tears. Come join us for a pre-Labor Day magical evening as we salute Spirit channeling messages of hope from Across.

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Another must have tool in the business environment

There are numerous books written on the perfect start-up; how to align financing, which scenarios are the best litmus tests for your category of business, and top team building skills. In opening up our business, we added an oft-overlooked category- the spiritual.

Michelle Houchens uses her talent and insights to see beyond…and inside. From literally blessing the ground to grounding the blessed, she is yet another must have tool in the business environment. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend her services.

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Exploring the Seven Bodies of the Electromagnetic Field

this class will take you into your-self…an in-depth discovery of your electromagnetic field, experiencing it from the Seventh Plane of Con-sciousness, the God-Plane. We will work with the Archangels and High Masters to explore and tune the phys-ical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers to compassion/joy. As the field tunes to a steady state of compas-sion, our consciousness tunes to the realms of limitless possibilities absent of time/space limitations. This workshop experientially teaches take home techniques for advanced chakra tuning in electromagnetic field with the Archangels in the Oneness Consciousness.

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2016 Master Class…We R Light


Researchers state that more than 85% of our life is guided by the energetic thought patterns of our unconscious mind. In a world where mindfulness is essential for healthy living, getting conscious about unconscious patterns is key. The Law of Creation attracts us to what we are, not what we want. Belief systems are the operating systems of your body and mind.

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Tuning To Compassion

In-depth discovery of what it is like to be in the human body with a steady state of compassion that creates limitless possibilities. Workshop experientially teaches take home techniques for advanced chakra tuning with the Archangels, in various realms and Gateways of the God Consciousness. Excellent choice for the givers of the world, who at times experience energetic deficits.

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Reconnection to a Loved One

This class was designed upon client demand, and is designated for those who have lost a special loved one; spouse, significant-other, sibling, parent, child, or best friend. Participants com- monly experience their loved ones in the ethereal form via the Holy Spirit. Each participant will have their own safe and loving experience, with Michelle carefully reuniting each participant via the Archangels to their chosen loved one in a unique and life changing meditative experience.

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Life Expanded; Living The Collective Consciousness

This class is designed to enter into the gateway of what many call Eden/Heaven, realms of 100% Light. With assistance from the Holy Spirit and High Masters, participants will work on atonement or what we think of as the highest levels of forgiveness of mankind. A deep spiritual awakening.

3 hrs.
Class Size: 12 Participants Max.

Pre-registration Required, please contact Michelle via phone or e-mail (below)

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