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You Are Why I Do What I Do


Many believe they are alone in this world.  Even with family, numerous friends and instant phone/internet connection to a world with over 7 billion people; they still feel alone.

One day I awoke to the voices, sight, smells and evidence of a Higher Power/Creator I had felt around me since age five.  I heard and felt I was not alone and to honor my  divine gifts.  Find your joy Michelle, I, Creator, will remind you I was told.   Soul Fragments are the energetic make up of you, your company, your family, combined.  How we are composed is how we create in the world.  My specialty is reading your energetic composition.  

For some, having these gifts might seem terrifying.  For me it was finally the confirmation that prompted a career path blending business, science, and honor to mankind.   It is the study of the realms of conciousness that align the human soul to a Higher Power/ Creator.

Information from that which many call a Higher Power/ Creator can come in a variety of directions.  I am able to communicate, feel and see this Energy in a room, just like if you and I were sitting and talking at a coffee shop.  Direct, clear and concise.  Loving, supportive and accurate; with a view more expansive then what makes sense to me at times.

We all have our journey of discovery to Truth.  My petri dish is filled with the agar of life.  Welcome to a world in which you are supported and loved.  A world in which the science of the human spirit, a lifelong quest for many, may finally make sense.

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your journey.  You are why I do what I do.


Psychic Medium/Medical Intuitive/Energy Practitioner