8/2/12 Fox 21 TV News Interviews with Craig Coffey

Fox 21 TV News Interviews with Craig Coffey, The Morning Show on August 2, 2012. How fun was Craig! We discussed Barry Fey’s Book Back Stage Past channeling Michael Jackson, John Denver, reading on Craig and more. Look out world Craig is a dynamo and a very gracious host going big places in the world!

Segment 1-http://youtu.be/Sm0kWU03ass
Segment 2-http://youtu.be/DY01_bpwGzo
Segment 3-http://youtu.be/2k8ndmjVveI
Segment 4-http://youtu.be/lOflXPNadXo
Segment 5-http://youtu.be/hLRVe-prmNI