DNA as we know it today is what Bruce Lipton, futurist and famed cellular biologist, would describe as “adapting by the second”.  Over the last twenty years scientists like Dr. Lipton have proven that our DNA is adapting with every thought process and external stimulus we experience.

Scientific American recently had an edition on the biology of man’s brain (July 2011).  What we know is that human thoughts, words, actions all transmit to the world as frequency.  Frequency via ionic transfer has electrical stimulation per the laws of physics.  Without interference, frequency is transmitted uninterrupted and continues on.  When some people stand “too close” to us we feel them as “invasive in our personal space”.  Other people allow many to invade their personal space without even feeling another is around them.  People’s sensitivity to frequency varies depending upon their awareness to a difference in frequency range between individuals.  This is why many unite to others that have similar interests, views and/or thought processes.

Science refers to the body’s frequency structure as our Electromagnetic Field (EMF) or in Eastern terms it is referred to as “Aura”.  Many people experience another’s EMF via sight, feeling or simply sensing a color.  Like a laser or the light spectrum frequency is color condensed.  Often people will choose the color of their clothing this way, as well for that day.  When blue calls to you wear it and know that typically your frequency is radiating to that range of Hertz.  ROY G. BIV, the light spectrum (Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Indigo/Violet) is how the body’s EMF is organized.  Over the last 20+ years we have perfected instrumentation measuring every human cell and organ at healthy and unhealthy states.  Frequency is the world in motion or what many call the body.

One study of frequency is Nanotechnology or the science of building objects structurally from the molecular level to a nanometer, 1:100 molecule. Think of a nanometer as smaller than a human cell.  Since the 1980’s nanotechnology has been in development and is now being incorporated into medicine/pharmaceuticals, space shuttles, on ranches for the feeding of animals, computers and may more things that man is just discovering.  Frequencies like the Sun’s rays are being broken down molecularly, studying the transmittance of ionic photo transference into objects.  Much as we learned as kids, the transmission of Universal frequencies between planetary structures, like the Sun and Earth produce multiple processes, i.e. photosynthesis.  You and I do not control this, a higher Source of frequency is in control.

Being a psychic medium is simply the ability to see, hear and/or feel these frequencies that are in and around the Universes.  The Universes are always in motion relaying frequency back and forth.  Your thoughts, words, and actions dictate your reality and the reality of others, as frequency continues.  Many call this the trickle effect of life.

All will travel outside of their realm of consciousness in this lifetime.   Whether or not you enjoy it is your thought process to determine.  The Universe is a safe and loving place as the most powerful frequency is Love.  Let Go, Explore, and Love…..

Namaste meaning “I see the divine in you”… Michelle

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