It all started with the discussion of putting butter on cinnamon rolls during Thanksgiving.  Yep those delectable, unhealthy, gems that stick to us, literally.   I hold witness to the fact that some find the addition of butter to a cinnamon roll enticing.  To me, no with a capital N.  To them, deeeelicious.

The state of joy or what some term love, 528 Hertz in frequency is the natural resonance that Mother Earth exchanges with our Sun and Lunar Systems.  Our Sun emits rays that assist all matter on Earth including plants, animals, and yes, human beings, to thrive.  Over the last eight and a half years we have been moving and will finally align into this new higher or what many call faster vibrational state people call “The Dawning of a New Civilization” on December 21st, 2012.  Mayan calendars change, the equinox is said to appear differently from then forth and all will need to think in warp speed or they will feel that life has passed them by.  It is up to the human race to choose.  Mother Earth is realigning naturally to this vibration of homeostasis.


Manifestation or a realignment of the physical and emotional bodies will not only appear, but create more quickly than previously for the majority of beings on the Earth.  Many believe that if they do not make a choice it will still be there for them tomorrow.  That will no longer be the case.  Choose thoughts that strengthen your life and all around it.  Seek help.  There are multiple practitioners, therapists, CD sets, and books already on the market to assist you and yours.


All matter has vibration that is measured with frequency; whether you see it, feel it, hear it and yes, some smell it.  Have you ever smelled cooking oil burning?  Does it smell heavy or light?  Vibrational differences are the factor.  Your location, clothing, car, home, jewelry and family/friends/coworkers all carry vibration.  Some have higher vibrational frequency states and some lower.  We know that when we paint prison cells pink, their occupants are more calm and rates of violence go dramatically down moving their vibration/frequency up.  Look up the vibrational frequency of colors, foods, locations.  CEO’s often hire me to bless their businesses, again increasing the frequency through my intention and levels of consciousness.  Have you done this for your family, home, friendships?  Let go, flow and create intention for joy with a sense of gratitude.  Intention is the key to manifestation like a trigger is to the gun.  Without it, nothing fires.


Intention is developed in our “Etheric Body” via an informational exchange with the physical.  In other words we link our thoughts to our physical and emotional bodies to create.  So if everything around us is vibrating at a faster pitch then our thoughts, we will naturally coincide with the vibration that is resonating to the highest frequency.  Remember that thing we call diffusion from 7th grade science class? This is what is occurring on the planet.  A faster vibration does not equal chaos.  Normally chaos is a lower vibration.   Just like the heart is synchronous, so is our energetic patterns.  Learn and study yours. What takes you into a lower frequency?  What stimulates a higher one?  Cinnamon rolls, well that day was a higher vibration.  Most days it would be a lower.  It all had to do with my emotions.


Emotion is the key to how we link everything in our Etheric Body; inclusive but not exclusive to the physical, emotional and collective layers.  Some emotions that emit high frequency are Joy, Compassion, Love, and Peace.  Lower frequency emotions are Sadness, Anger, Blame, and Guilt.  Depression is symptomatic of a lower vibrational being as well.  When we connect with these subtle energies termed the Laws of Creation to create or manifest in our life, the process starts with our thought.  It is why Priests and Monks create a state of compassion during their prayer/meditation so that the subject of their prayers manifests quickly.


People/ animals are ‘mirrors’ of each other.  That which we see, positively or negatively, in others is a reflection of attachment to Self.  Joy or the frequency of 528 Hz flows easily when we release the thought that we are lacking anything.  Trust that you came to Earth like a fully equipped car.  Perhaps you are just learning the operating system or maybe you have mastered it.  Your frequency and the frequencies of others, places and things change daily.  Pray, meditate; seek ways to connect to this Higher Power daily.  One of my clients refers to this Source of Creation as Glenn.  Yep, really.  It makes both of us laugh.  Laughter can raise your vibration almost 1000 to 2000 KHz.


Other ways to raise your vibration is to sing, speak in kindness, use your Free Will for another, allow your dreams for your life to release in whatever way they come; some ‘see” others “feel”, still more hear. Allow things to come to you as they may.  Be grateful for ALL.  People who keep higher vibrations often have lighter moods.  They appear balanced, centered, and internally as well as externally peaceful.  Some people can see Auras; a white or purple that reflects off of the electromagnetic field that is significant of your vibrational state.  Some like me are rainbow children and others see this in our Auras.


Those who love to complain, “Life is no fair” typically LOVE to wear black or brown.  Low vibrational colors.  People who allow this thing called illness into their lives have dark or black auras.  Some reading this article might be saying Michelle disease just happens.  It is nobody’s fault.  What I say is to own it and if it is yours, good news, vibrationally you can change it.  I have.  We know that stress is one of the biggest contributors to disease and more importantly, very preventable.  Stress is self- made.  No one ever sees a baby stressed out after hours in the womb.  They simply cry or state what they need and then become settled.  Let go of stress and disease in your life by making a choice for health.  How, Allow. Simply allow yourself to listen, BE in state of forgiveness of self and others, and love just as all spiritual books and Walt Disney movies tell you to.  Vibration takes nanoseconds to change, up or down. What frequency do you choose in this moment?


Choose “Joy” everyday.  LIVE IT, BE IT, SOUND IT, SEE IT, and the mind-body automatically release neuro-hormones we link to health and well being. When we are in a state of Joy there is no sense of time, space or matter involved.  You are in the Now as Mr. Tolle teaches.  You choose your vibrational state, no one else does.  Me, I choose joy, in everything I do.  Sort of like saying no to butter on my cinnamon roll, an easy decision.      Namaste, Michelle





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  1. Hello, I found this fascinating article while I was trying to find info about whether or not elephants help emit the earth’s energy. Would you happen to know at what rate the average elephant’s vibration is? Thank you.

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