Tonight I launched my “new” website.  Secure I felt until the stillness of what is to come excites me.

Have you ever felt this way?  Content in what is, until “Ut Oh”, it isn’t.  I spent so much of my life “trying” to hold on Yoda.  How about you?  Do you wane and wallow only to find out that the journey is really contentment vs. the destination? Or is the destination really the realization that contentment is fluid vs. concrete?

Albert Einstein spent his life in discovery.  Proving theories that no one could contest nor approve…until they did or didn’t.  How about you?  Can you see the parallels in your life to Dr. Einsteins?  Do you believe you have proven the answer or direction to your life only to realize “Ut Oh”, the journey continues.  My journey has been because of you, thank you.  My discovery tonight is that YOU are the contentment, the journey, the answer to why the stars shine for me…I See YOU.

Ah contentment, how the river roars…


Michelle 11-18-12

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