You Are Why I Do What I Do


Many believe they are alone in this world.  In today’s age of instant phone/internet/family connections representing 7 billion and growing; loneliness is still not extinct.

The Soul’s journey often seems uneven, yet flows into alignment in the oddest of events. Omnipresent to a tale of Divine Love, one summer evening through laughter and tears, I listened until night became day became night, as I experienced the Story of Me. As it unfolded, a collection of memories only Creator could represent in the ultimate Technicolor 10-D theater, Heaven manifested on Earth. My body, particialized to fragments of Light, like colors in a kaleidoscope, me morphing into pieces vibrating in space. I as offered and accepted the construction of me to be augmented, learning things I had wondered since childhood, adopting a new view, reaching atonement in much of my life.

‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’, a line from the Lord’s Prayer that rang true for me since childhood. That evening it became evident to me that I am who I desire to be in the goodness of all. So many were around and are for all.

Support in a state of awareness that once we are ready, manifests. All is shown in its time.

Each of us has the remembrance of Creation. It is ever woven into our DNA, intracellular components visible to the human eye and not. Universal consciousness aligns us to discoveries of ourselves beyond lifetime memories. Creation’s frequency is direct, clear and concise.  Loving, supportive and authentic; with a view more expansive then what makes sense at times, like an all glass house.

Souls come to the Earth for joy. Fear only comes when we worry that joy will leave us. My specialty is reading the human soul’s energetic composition and following the trail from beginning to end, aka when your soul sing’s.

All roads lead home. Your journey is the discovery of Truth to you. Welcome to a world in which you are supported and loved; a world in which the study of the human spirit, a lifelong quest for many, may finally bring peace.

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your journey.  You are why I do what I do.



Psychic Medium/Medical Intuitive/Energy Practitioner

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