Spot On

bigstock-Zen-stones-in-water-27418907“While I have worked with and spoken to other psychics and mediums in the past, I have never had such the immediate connection as I did with Michelle. Right off the bat she made a comment about me that was dead on and then it kept getting better from there.  Not only was her insight and information from her guides on point and incredibly helpful, but her healing powers were so strong and immediate and have had long lasting effects that I have never experience with others who practice healing as well. read more

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

I would like to add my voice to the authenticity of Michelle Houchens. She is a gifted Psychic Medium and Channel I have known for approximately 7 months.

Since our meeting, Michelle has appeared monthly on my Internet-based radio show, Mystical Cruise. It’s a delight to have Michelle as a guest because the listeners enjoy the accuracy of the information she brings forward and her light upbeat delivery.  The switchboard is often full and we are rarely able to answer all calls during our 90 minute show. read more

Rare Gifts

I have had the pleasure of knowing Michelle Houchens for over fifteen years.  Interestingly, my interactions with Michelle through the years have evolved (as relationships often do) into what now would be considered two diametrically opposed scenarios.  I first met Michelle when she was a District Manager (DM) for Medtronic, Inc.  She was in their Cardiac Rhythm Management Division (CRMD) – an area classically known for its conservative approach to just about everything. read more

Professional and A Lot of Fun Too

My name is Craig Coffey, and currently a Reporter/Anchor for a FOX affiliate in Colorado Springs, CO. I am writing to lend my support as reference for Ms. Michelle Houchens.

I have had the pleasure to work with Michelle on a couple of occasions while featuring her talents and insight to the essence of human nature. Not only is she professional in every way, but she is a lot of fun too. Michelle has the ability to exercise many qualities that make her attractive to a viewing audience. She  is compassionate, open, honest, real and easy going. read more

Knows Things Easily and Effortlessly

My session with Michelle Houchens was not only accurate and authentic, but it also healed me; which is one of the most important things to keep in mind when looking at Michelle as an intuitive.  Michelle knows things easily and effortlessly, and is able to communicate with me what it is that is happening.

Michelle has helped connect me to my highest potential and help me understand many things that have changed my life.  Michelle’s humbleness towards the entire experience is beautiful as she not only helps guide and inform, but work with Source to heal deep soul wounds.  Since my session with Michelle, my world has opened up 360 degrees in all directions.  I met Michelle during a very powerful time in my life, and I know that it is simply because she is a divine steward to all here on Earth that I was given the honor of coming into her life and vice versa.  Anyone can give advice and counsel, but it takes a true frequency carrier to help heal souls on their eternal path back to Source. read more

Songwriting, Career, Love-Life

Michelle Houchens is the real deal.

She has given me enormous insight into my life and has helped me as I strive to realize my spiritual potential. I turn to Michelle for answers about my songwriting career, love-life, and everyday situations. She has not only given me insight, she has helped to clear energy blocks that have been holding me back in my life. read more

My Deceased Husband Is Trying To Set Me Up

I had not met nor heard of Michelle Houchens when I called in to a radio show in Sept. 2012.

The love of my life died in a car crash on Oct. 12, 2011. I had the feeling he was trying to set me up with one of his friends. Either that or he was puttinf us in contact with each other either for me to help him with his grief or him to help me with mine. (His wife died 3 years ago.) When Michelle gave her answer, it wasn’t so much what she waid but how she said it. It sounded like the cadence/rhythm of his voice. That’s what blew me away. In addition, on a subsequent email, she relayed this: “Bill sends his continuous love and can’t wait to see what happens as he says he LOVES a good love story. Now take a cruise and it can all happen on the “Love Boat”, LOL he says. She had no way to know that the friend I think he’s hooking me up with is a musician and is one of the entertainers on a cruise coming up in January. I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t think I’d get to spend any time with him. But I’m rethinking that now! read more

A Gifted Medium, Michelle Possesses That Rate Combination Of Skill, Saavy and Down To Earth Sense Of Humor

I’ve been privileged to work with Michelle numerous times, both as a client for her psychic healing practice, and as a colleague fellow student while undergoing hypnosis several years ago.

A gifted Medium, Michelle possesses that rare combination of skill, saavy and a down to earth sense of humor which let’s her connect with people in a way that is guaranteed to have the maximum possible impact; I was delighted to suggest her as a guest on a paranormal radio show a friend of mine hosts which remains one if the most downloaded interviews he has ever done. read more