I would like to add my voice to the authenticity of Michelle Houchens. She is a gifted Psychic Medium and Channel I have known for approximately 7 months.

Since our meeting, Michelle has appeared monthly on my Internet-based radio show, Mystical Cruise. It’s a delight to have Michelle as a guest because the listeners enjoy the accuracy of the information she brings forward and her light upbeat delivery.  The switchboard is often full and we are rarely able to answer all calls during our 90 minute show.

I believe a show, helping families, and hosted by Michelle would be a ‘Winner, winner, chicken dinner’ (a catch-phrase Michelle uses to identify something very good).  It is a fun, unique recognition Michelle bestows on very positive situations – and one callers hope to receive.

If you would like further information, simply contact me.

Warm Regards, Robert Sharpe

Author, Radio Host & Founder of BITEradio.me 843-808-0777 http://BITEradio.me

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