October 28, 2012

To whom it may concern;

As the father of Michelle Lynne Houchens, I am regularly amazed and very, very proud of her accomplishments as an intuitive medium.  While I do not know why she was born with this ability (probably from my mother who as a child I believed was a witch) nor do I really understand how it works, I am confident that Michelle uses her skills in a loving and supportive way to improve the lives of others.

On several occasions over the past few years Michelle has used both her medical and intuitive skills to protect me from illness and  help restore my health, both physical and mental.  One time was a face-to-face experience.  The others were long distance over the phone.  Each time, I have left the conversation with her feeling a sense of love and personal security, knowing that I have the benefit of her deep love and intuitive protection.

I have also watched and listened to her interactions with others and while I do not know these other individuals, I have seen the amazement and deep content that registered on their faces and voices as they interact with her.  The joy they reflect in their reactions from interacting with loved ones on the other side through Michelle is obvious and I am sure this joy follows them afterwards.

Most likely this intuitive ability was given to Michelle by God as a gift to help others … and thereby to help herself.

I am blessed to be her father.


George M Houchens, Retired


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