With great honor and respect, I recommend the intuitive science of Michelle Houchens.  The nurturing personality traits that Michelle carries within, comforted me as we dove into the aspects of myself with genuine accuracy.  In our sessions I was guided into a place of trust and confidence, building a foundation to visualize the future and understand my own instinctual skills.  From her I learned that conceiving the future with precision is a matter of choice and intent, and the place if which a person decides to build from is also part of that choice.  It is in this, I feel that when Michelle listens to someone, she understands them and can view their future with complete focused accuracy.  She has done that very thing for me.

As a musician who loves creating from spaces of different consciousness, I found our sessions enlightening and boundless.  The creative elements that were introduced to me by Michelle opened my eyes to how many ways artistic gifts can harmoniously originate when the atmosphere is one with positive care and a decision to be certain with intention.  All of this is done with the brightest, most friendly smile and a peaceful, wise voice.

Michelle’s vision has always been to help me along my way and in her grand focus, to teach her talents and skills are available for everyone, if we so choose to use them.

D. Preston, Professional Ambient Guitarist




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