I have always had a believe in the idea that there is energy that surrounds us and this energy is a guide or force for the lives we all lead, but most of the time we don’t know or recognize what it is trying to tell us!  And whether we miss the message because we don’t understand or know how to interprett it or just do not believe, my thought, because I have seen through my own live as well as friends and family, is the message will continue to try and be delivered because it is a lesson we need to advance to the next level of our lives!  And advancing or growing as humans is what we should all have as our mission, our quest.   Michelle has a gift that can be a bridge or a key for the messages.  Her sharing this with the world and helping individuals on their quest is an incredible thing to see and is very inspirational.  Now Michelle, like other guides, can only deliver or give clarity to messages, it is still up to the individual to apply to their life but having a few more tools is what we all want.   Having faith in the connectivity or purpose of this universe we all life in, is a message we call all use!

Jessica J. Controller and Director of Financial Reporting

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