Recently I had the opportunity to meet with a large TV network.  Fun, fun, fun was what it brought me.  To dream of a world that everyone would know and understand the gifts they have been given….Wow Wee, or Winner,  Winner Chicken Dinner to those of you that follow me regularly on radio.

What are your dreams, visions, reality?  Do you trust them?  A friend once told me during a meditation that took me to the outer most Gateways in the Galaxy that “To Know Someone Once Is To Know Them Forever”.  How about you?  Each time something or someone “begins” do you trust it/they have been brought for Goodness and Light?

Beginnings are like stars; they appear then disappear, only to reappear when it is timeTwinkle, twinkle friend…

Namaste and UBUNTU,


*Cover image is a wise barn owl that oversees Michelle’s dwelling in Colorado


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