Show Three:

Intention-the quality or state of having a purpose in mind; quality of purposefulness. (1)

Tonight’s show was based on the theory that consciousness + intention CREATE.  This 12 month series “Frequencies On The Earth…NOW”, exclusively on the Von Goodwin Show, “Living The Question”, WAS RECORDED AND IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR LISTENING VIA THE LINK BELOW, along with Show 1 & 2 of the series.


Mankind is awakening to the realization that ALL vibration; thoughts, words, actions of man, beast, plant, rock, etc. are delivered with INTENTION.  Intention is the “come from” creates with a force we call nature.  For every action there is a reaction.  Have the intention of dignity and love for ALL when you are creating an outcome and you will create this.  Have a intention of hatred and harm for ALL and you will fizzle like a wet firework.  If misinterpretation occurs by another, it will be “autocorrected” like spellcheck on a computer via the Human Universal Laws of Existence.

If you deliver thoughts and/ or words without clear intention, they will create confusion.  Intention is ABSOLUTE OR solely aligned to the Being.  Some come to the planet with very clear intention on life purpose.  Have you ever seen a beaver who said, I am going to do something other than swim and build dams?  The beaver ceases to exist because their intention is gone. It is in their nature or DNA.

Intention is an energy force, stimulated by friction. Dr. William Tiller discusses this in full at   Dr. Albert Einstein described it through my meditations with him like STATIC ELECTRICITY.  Like a dust bunny, we attract through our intention.

Von mentioned in the show someone stated he gets all the “easy” customers in his business.  Dr. Einstein would say Von attracts easy customers because he has clear intention of like minded customers looking for the solutions he provides through his company.  The ease comes in the clear intention of both parties.  The first time he violates this and changes his intention, may “difficult” customers would appear.  Ease, fluidity and common thought are what he creates with his intention.

This is the discussion of Show 4 in September- “How To Stay Clear Of Obstacles When Creating With These New Frequencies On The Earth”.

How about you?  Are you clear in your intention and the opportunities that lie ahead for you?   Is it possible to NOT create your Life Purpose?   If the outcome is not quite what you are looking for, ask for clarity.  It will be shown if this is your intention.

Trust Intuition, this Knowing of Your Heart.  It Is A “Synchrony” of Intention Designed Long Ago For Success On The Earth. 

Namaste and UBUNTU My Friends,



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