American Black Bear

Last spring, my 12 year old son suffered a severe depression requiring him to stay home from school.  I could not leave him alone because of his suicidal threats and outbursts of anger.  I was concerned not only for him but for myself and my other young son. I had to lock up the knives and watch him constantly.   At times, I felt as if true evil had taken over my son.  I was praying one evening and the thought came to me to contact a medical intuitive.  I myself am a physician, but I was willing to try anything for my child.  I mentioned it to my sister the next day and she suggested Michelle Houchens.  I contacted Michelle by phone from another state and thus began one of the most critical and beneficial relationships of my (and my son’s) life.  Michelle said she needed to work with Ben directly.  After a week of Michelle working with Ben’s higher self behind the scenes, he was willing to speak with her via Skype.  From that first conversation, I saw a profound change in my son.  Over the ensuing months, Ben became happier and more content.  The anger outbursts are gone and Ben is no longer suicidal.  He’s been attending school this year and continues to make steady progress.  I just had his parent/teacher conference and heard nothing but positive feedback from his teachers.  They say he seems happy and is getting fantastic grades.  While I still have a pre-teen at home with all that entails, I no longer have a raging, suicidal, depressed 12 year old.  I cannot thank Michelle enough for her willingness to work with us and to take on such a difficult situation.  I have my son back.  Dr. Mary K.

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