Do you remember making New Year’s Resolutions as a kid? Fun started and ended the sentence. Resolution is a term meaning to glance back at life, choose areas declared ineffective or not working, and to change them, build something new. Yet the first time we forget, the resolution gets lost in the shuffle, we think it’s hopeless.

Did you ever see a couple of kids drag a toboggan onto a roof top? They look like civil engineers, assessing snow conditions for the Olympic Games, terrified, yet excited to execute, and totally stone cold confident, because they know they can succeed. Then it hits each of them as they glide down the bumpy rooftop, perhaps we should have developed a landing pad, something to stop us? But why stop say 98% of kids on the Planet, instead stay airborne as long as possible…glide. Dreams of grandeur sail through their minds, they down the bumpy roof and BOOM, the sled comes to a halt. As the sled lodges inside of a gutter, the boys fall off, hard to the ground.

Sometimes life seems to stop us. Out of nowhere, something side-swipes us, ending all our best laid plans. Resolutions aren’t about doing it once or the right way, but about the consciousness that those things we desire are attainable. How you declare a redosolution a success, the refinement of you, determines whether the next time when no one is looking, you climb up, remembering the terrain that seemed like defeat, and do it again. Only this time you choose a metal saucer vs. the toboggan because you know that baby can jump the gutters. Changing consciousness to ‘of course I can’ is the winning ticket to success every time.

February 2015 begins the Chinese New Year of the Wooden Sheep/Goat; peace, harmony, and evolution. All those great strides of release made in 2014 the Year of the Wooden Horse, come forth. Fun is why we came to the planet, so if peace, harmony and evolution seem, well boring then start warming up because, 2016 brings in the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey.

Be well.

Namaste, Michelle

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