If we only had one choice, (just playing the “what if” game for a second)and there was only one person you could pick to be your guardian angel and take with you on a journey to a unknown land…..WHO would I pick to be that person?  MICHELLE HOUCHENS!  Michelle is a very trustworthy person who I trusted from the start. I highly recommend Michelle to help you through any tough times or difficult issues.  She helped me during a very uncertain time in my life where I was faced with some very challenging decisions. She taught me how to tap into my spirit guides and access the answers within. I have a great deal of respect for Michelle. She really made me feel comfortable as she helped me realize so many simple truths about myself.  My confidence shot up like a rocket! I cannot say enough about her. She is amazing and trustworthy, and I am so blessed to know her. 

Kat S., Kat Art Studios


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