My life has changed so much since meeting Michelle and I started having sessions with her.  Prior to my first session, I was….scared (Michelle can tell you).  I was brought up in a very religious Christian household and although I questioned some things about organized religion, I feared what I was about to embark on would go against my entire belief system from my upbringing.  To have more insight into the universe, my life, and my future, have deepened my faith and brought me so much closer to God (Source), Jesus Christ (we chat all day long now), and my guardian angels (I now know them all by name). What I questioned is finally CLEAR.   I love love love my closer connection to the universe and my greater ability to manifest what I want and need in my life.  I have more peace,  my life and spiritual path are so much more clear, and I am a better individual, mother, friend, and teacher.  Call her.  Chat with her.  It’s a life changer you will never regret.

Tambra S., Information Technology Account Manager at Lewan and Associates and Yoga Instructor at CorePower Yoga

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