To Whom It May Concern

I have had the utmost pleasure of welcoming Michelle Houchens on my show.  Not only did she graciously agree to come onto my blog talk show, but her impact on that show garnered us hundreds of archived listens.  My show was picked up by an AM station shortly thereafter, and there is no doubt that Ms. Houchen’s impact on our listenership was part of the reason we were asked to be part of WBLQ 1230 AM Transformation Talk Radio network.  Michelle then agreed to be my first guest on the new network and we had more than we were able to pull through, call ins.  She will certainly be asked to come on again.

I have had numerous emails from listeners and call ins who just rave and thank us for letting them connect with Michelle. She has the innate ability to connect with people and sense their needs.  She has an uncanny ability to “hit the nail on the head” as she accurately sees future and past.  Should you require any information with regard to my endorcement of the truly inspiring Michelle Houchens, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kate Hennessy

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