Michelle Houchens has been a very dear friend of mine for about 20 years and when she switched professions a few years ago and came out of the closet with her sixth sense, as an intuitive, I have to say I was skeptical.   With that being said I have had some sessions with her personally and over the phone.  She has shared with me some very personal things with my immediate family and with some health issues that I was experiencing. The health issues that she asked for me to be relieved of, has since gone away and the personal things within my family, she was dead on correct on what was going to on or going to happen.

This past summer I was fortunate to share Michelle’s gift, with 15 friends for a psychic party. The excitement and response was unbelievable, to my surprise. The attendance was 100 % on the invites and more wanted to attend. I had to decline people because of time constraints for everyone to have a fair 20 minute session with her. To begin with I reside in Michigan and Michelle lives in Colorado. She has never met these friends before, until that evening. Every person that came out of their session had the same response, WOW, she is so GOOD and some were actually in shock with her gift and what was shared with them! It varied with immediate, personal, and connecting with people on the other side. Every friend had a very unique and unbelievable experience! My mother in law, who is a true believer of medium psychics and has had several experiences with different ones, told me that I am so fortunate to have a friend with such a unique and wonderful gift! Embrace what she has to offer! I still have friends talk about their experience with her this past summer and have done repeat sessions with her over the phone.   Michelle is professional, caring, intelligent, beautiful and truly gifted in what she does and to be able to share this gift with others would be an extraordinary event to experience! I hope that you will take this opportunity to partner with Michelle, with guaranteed success!!

Gail V., Presidents Club Winning Sales Rep, Mom

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