I first met Michelle at a Women’s Group at our church.  I was talking with her about how I was doing after my husband, Ray, had passed away about six months prior to our meeting.  While I was talking to her, I noticed she seemed to be looking over my Right shoulder as if someone was waiting to talk to her.  I asked if someone wanted to talk to her and she said that she was a Medium and Ray, my husband, was wanting her to tell me some things.  She asked if she could tell me and I said, yes.  Some of the things she told me that Ray wanted her to state are: 1.  That I can relax and rest, that he is doing well and relaxing and he does not hurt or suffer anymore from Parkinson’s Disease. 2.  He realizes I want to do what I think he would want me to do with some of his possessions i.e., a very large model ship he had for years and loved, but never was able to put it together.  He stated that me finding the man that enjoyed that hobby of model ships was the perfect person to pass it on to and I had already done that. 3.  He said, it is time for me to get on with my life after taking care of him for so long and he wants me to be healthy and happy. 4.  Michelle stated that she wants me to continue talking to Ray like I have been.

Another time I was doing a task before the Fall weather sets in (a year ago) and I felt nauseous, weak and some discomfort in my Right shoulder but it didn’t feel like a heart attack.  I wasn’t doing anything strenuous but I thought I would come inside and do some Self Help Energy Work on myself and see if it made a difference.  It did and I still felt concerned and bewildered about what happened.  This was on a Saturday afternoon.  I decided to lay down and relax a bit and while doing so, I got a real strong feeling that I should talk to Michelle at church the next day about this and have a Medium Session with her asap.  I was surprised at that feeling but I decided that if she was at church (some Sundays I did not see her) I would see if I could set an appointment with her soon, to see if she could tell me what this was about.  Yes, she was there on Sunday and I barely started talking to her and she stated you had an incident yesterday that was very scary and needs to be taken care of right away.  I said, Yes, I think so, how soon can I see you?  She was going to be in Colorado Springs on Monday, the next day, and we could meet before lunch time and we did. 1.  Michelle stated that this is a significant change in my life as my “contract term” on this planet was coming to an end and my ancestors are wanting me to come and join them and cross over.  She stated that for the last 10-14 days I have been having dreams and feeling unsettled as well as depressed and I said, yes.  I do not get depressed very often.   She asked me if I would like her to help me renew my contract and I said Yes.  She stated that possibly by renewing my contract, I can take care of my purpose on this earth, not cross over and live another 10-15 years.  I said, yes, that I do not want to take care of others anymore and I want to enjoy my life. 2.  She did proceed to talk to Spirit/God and renewed my contract.  When I left the appointment with her that day, I felt like a big weight was taken off my shoulders and I did not feel nauseous, weak or depressed.  The dreams, the unsettled feelings and depression were no longer in my life.  In fact, I felt a new lease on my life and a chance to complete more things on my “bucket list” as well as a lot of hope.

I am pleased that I met Michelle when I did and that she helped me in my life.

Diana B., Earth Steward

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