I first met Michelle at an open house for a medical provider, what blew me away was that she connected with my mother and she told me that my mother was telling me not to worry, it wasn’t my fault, and that I was right on everything.  A year before my mother died in a tragic accident and I felt so much guilt because before her death we were having multiple disagreements.  When Michelle passed on this message to me it gave me great relief.

Recently, a dear old friend of mine died, his death was a surprise to all that knew him. I immediately thought of Michelle and called to make an appointment with her for my friend’s ex-wife and me to meet with her. We needed to have some questions answered and even closure. It was amazing how Michelle connected with my friend immediately without us asking many questions about him, I felt that he was sitting in front of us talking to us like he would of in the past.  I feel that it was meant to be that I had Michelle’s card in my purse and I would see it every day, it was meant for my friend and me to see her and connect with our dear loved one- Laws of Attraction in action!

I want to meet with Michelle again and again, she is amazing and she helps those heal from losing a loved one and help with the healing process. Thank Michelle for all you do and I will see you soon!   Tina S.


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