The June 5th show is Part 2 of a 12 Month Series called “Frequencies On The Earth… NOW” being aired live with callers the first Wednesday of every month in 2013.  Hear it exclusively on “Living The Question” with Von Goodwin.


WE ARE INTERCONNECTED AND INFLUENCED BY ALL IN THE UNIVERSES, INCLUDING EACH OTHER. Our brains…so complex and automatic that often we think we have no control.  You do!  We choose our brain wave state by our thoughts, words and activities. 

In the Theta  Brain Wave State achieved through focused thought,  we have the most heightened connection to Source.  Judgment,  hardship to self is left behind.  The ability to create or manifest is shown to excel.   How do you get to this state?  Read on…

The human brain is about 7 lbs. scientists say.  It is divided up into multiple regions that have very specific function to guide the human body and soul.  We come to Planet Earth as a fully equipped car.  I recently saw the Tesla, so I kind of like this analogy…sometimes you need to plug in and recharge at the terminal.

Plugging in to the terminal refers to plugging into Source/ Creator/ Your Innate Spirit, or what some call your Higher Self.  Meditation or what some term Contemplative Prayer, Focused Higher Thought, The Creation Process is key.  This step is essential in the manifestation/creation process which famed, Dr. William Tiller, Physicist and Professor Emeritus from Stanford has studied for over 40 yrs.  He terms it the “Psychoenergenics” of Creation.  Our state of consciousness grouped with our intention create the results we desire.  Our minds in this process interact with the Laws of Existence, i.e. The Law of Attraction, one of billions of intersecting Laws that work off of mathematical equations.   His website is

To date, neuroscience has studied and published on at least 6-8 different Brain Wave States in a well balanced human being.   saying this we know that 1:5 people have a mental health disorder.  The brain is a believing machine.  Read my blog from our May 15th show if you would like more information on this subject.

Normally our world functions in multiple brain wave states.  During sleep the majority of us are in a Delta Brain Wave State 0-3 Hz and some in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which has multiple brain wave states.  In waking ours a Beta Brain Wave State is prominent in our world which is the state of activity, anxiousness, excitement. In frequency terms it is from 8-30 Hertz (hz). Our coveted  A type personality traits are often entailed in this state.

What we know from science is that our brain takes in external stimuli as it’s feeder of information. This information then triggers neurocognitive bins in our brain that were developed in our childhoods.  Safety, stimulation, and emotional discernment make our decision of how to react to the stimuli. As adults our conscious and subconscious mind work together to make decisions.  As children we stay in a state of learning, or what we call the Theta Brain Wave State to take in large amounts of information and form these neurocognitive bins for decision making.  This is why it is essential to teach our children healthy emotional triggers to life.  Psychologists call this Resilience Building Strategies.  Jonathan Goldman termed the phrase “EQ” or Emotional Quotient.   All essential for the brain to find solution and have healthy responses to the stimuli it receives.

Many people continue to study and explore the opportunities in the Alpha and Theta Brain Waves Modes.  They take us to a different what you might term “time zone” or state of consciousness.  This state of consciousness gives us a different perspective on the same subject.  The Alpha Brain Wave State is a transitional brain mode that allows us to sync with Mother Earth’s resonance, or what is called “Schumann’s Resonance”.   Look up the activity of “Earthing” or go pet an animal you like.  Our body composition, inclusive of our brain processing capability changes  in a positive way, reducing stress linked to chronic diseases, inclusive of death.

Theta is a unique and  different ballgame.  We take in 40 million + bits of information per second.  This coveted brain wave state by those who love meditation and the art of creativity is 4-7 Hz and bypasses the conscious mind of discernment.  In this state we have the most heightened awareness of our intuition, have no sense of judgment to issues that in other brain wave states give us a sense of right and wrong to our circumstances.  It triggers the deep realms of our subconscious mind, the area where Belief Systems linked to emotional responses are stored and linked to our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) triggers our natural pharmacy called neurochemicals.  think of it this way, we see a puppy dog.  We like the puppy dog.  This puppy reminds of us of our first dog.  We pet the dog and suddenly we are relaxed.  The smell of a puppy breath brings back memories of joyful times of us playing in the grass being licked on the face by our sacred friend who has now passed.  We are happy and a bit forlorn.  Neurochemicals  like Dopamine that reduces our blood pressure, Serotonin a natural mood enhancer for happiness are automatically be emitted by our brains into our bloodstream in reaction to this situation.  The only choice we have is do we desire to be around it or not.  The triggers were set long ago.   Or so we thought… 

Neuroplasty is the science of reshaping or molding the thoughts and memories of the brain.  Clinical studies over the last 35 years have shown us it is not only possible, but the technics to do it.  Man is no longer a victim of his circumstances.   Recreating memories though technics that bypass the discernment in the brain allow us to live happier, longer lives.

Modern medicine is now using different levels of consciousness or altered brain wave states like the American Indian Medicine men did.    Through Brain entrainment to a Theta Brain Wave State we can debride stage four (worst of the worst) burn victims with little to no narcotics when in a Theta Brain Wave State with preoccupation like playing a video game.  For those of you lucky enough not to have watched debridement it is the removal of the top layers of skin to promote tissue healing for minimal scar tissue formation.  One of the most painful procedures I am told that man endures.

So how do you get to a Theta and Alpha state.  SLOW DOWN.  Have conscious thought.  Augment your state through Hemisyncing to a Theta Brain Wave State. Find a CD at your local library or purchase one at the Monroe Institute for under $30.  Ask Creator to take you to a Theta or Alpha brain wave state.  Upon asking you may feel, see or hear go outside and take a walk.  Perhaps you feel you need to sit down and turn off all your beeping, flashing devices.  Maybe it is get out in society and go into a Beta Brain Wave state for stimulation.   Our brains naturally entrance to these frequencies depending upon the activity and thought we are involved with.  Remember it is all choice.  Our brains our us.

Your frequency and choices effect ALL.  What will you choose?

Ubuntu…an African Philosophy meaning “I Am Who I Am Because of Who We All Are”



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  1. Michelle I want to Thank You for the reading, as it has opened my heart and mind to understanding and the explanation of what was and has been going on around me and why. I have listened to the recording over again a few times and each time I get more out of it, as the time there were moments of fog due to all the emotions I was feeling at that moment. I would like to contact you and discuss the reading you were receiving about a man? Again thank you sincerely and may you continue to help others in understanding the emotions they may be feeling and questioning.

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