bigstock-Pictures-of-a-newborn-and-moth-15690674My name is Jaime Lee and we had the fortunate opportunity to meet at a doctors office during one of her beauty seminars. You provided your generous time to me and told me things that have changed my life.  I wanted to share this with you and tell you how these events that you predicted have unfolded this past year.

During our original time, 15 minutes together I wanted to discuss my career and you said I am being told to discuss having a family with you.  We discussed that you were being told I was infertile, but a Soul or perhaps two, who you described to me as you looked over my shoulder, would come with help. Having been in the medical industry for my whole life with no medical problems ever diagnosed from my OBGYN, this did not seem possible. Yet something inside of me told me you were accurate and that signs would come my way.  My husband three days later had a fireman come into the station and casually asked him if we were still trying to get pregnant because they used this Physician who is a Fertility Specialist and now have a baby.  He laughed and asked is she a woman who has short hair and is located in Northern Denver with a top clinic?  The fireman who he hadn’t seen in over a year, said why yes and after that we knew this was something bigger than us “Guiding” us.

Time after time, what you told me in the session kept happening;  we got an appointment at the exact time you said we would when appointments were booked months beyond that date, the doctor took our appointment without a physician referral that there was something medically wrong with me, and the best is the doctors words which were exactly what you kept repeating to me during our session “ you are out of time” when she said surprisingly announced that a month of testing showed that my hormonal levels were declining and gave us less than a 1% chance of getting pregnant and that “Jaime you are out of time to have a baby”.  My husband and I looked at each other and were speechless.  We started invitro and are excited about these Souls coming who you so vividly described.  What we know is they will come whenever they are supposed to.

Your subsequent predictions also have come true about work, my marriage, and the pursuit of a PhD and book as a life goal.  No one has ever so accurately described my husband, ever, and you had no details at all from me or anyone, having never met him.

I have shared my story with many of my friends. You will have a few of them contacting you now that I have your contact information and these things have become my reality!  You are special and I want to thank you for coming into my life Michelle. You are an angel. I believe in you and my definition of a Psychic Medium-Medical Intuitive has changed a lot because of you.

Sincerely with warmest regards,
Jaime Lee C., Physical Therapist

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