I have known Michelle Houchens in a variety of capacities, most importantly to me, in the role of advisor and confidante.  She has been instrumental in analyzing key business and private situations over the course of my professional career path and personal life, consistenly presenting precise counsel on an array of subject matters.  As I look back at the decisions made based on Michelle’s guidance, it is truly amazing the intuitiveness of her recommendation and the positive influence she had on the outcomes.

Michelle has an inordinate gift of helping individuals in various circumstances, with a caring and compassionate demeanor.  She possesses an intrinsic ability to deeply understand the situation at hand and direct the conclusion to one of realization of the objective.

As I summarize my personal and business accomplishments, I credit Michelle for many of the successes in my life.  She is that one individual who comes into your life and you are changed forever.


Judy M.

President and Chief Executive Officer In Healthcare



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