It is with great pleasure that I provide my recommendation of Michelle Houchens.  Michelle and I have been business acquaintances for a few years, and more recently personal friends.  Michelle’s unique gifts have allowed her to provide me with insight, vision, and clarity on issues that have impacted both my business and personal life.  She uses her gifts with an incredible sense of care and professionalism, understanding that the messages she delivers can be challenging for most people to digest.  She is also very cognizant of the traditional framework through which most people interpret all of the worldly factors that impact their daily lives, and the degree to which those interpretations can mesh with the messages that she provides.  Michelle’s messages allow one to explore life’s possibilities, and focus on our own daily efforts to improve our lives, as opposed to being subject to the anxiety and inaction that result from the unknown.  She is a delightful person to work with.                     Nick Lepetsos, CEO-Founder HaloCard®

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